Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What do we know about contractors?

Contractors are basically random people that are hired by a government agency or business to do, well, the shit work!

They work for virtually nothing because they're more or less pimped out for the lowest possible price by the parent company they work for.

I mean seriously, hookers should be more worried about an IRS audit than these guys!

And of course, the different varieties of contractors.

#1-The Supervisor, who we'll refer to as "Dick". This is the guy that comes around just to makes sure the crew he pimped out is doing the work prescribed for the low low price of only $19.95, or whatever dope deal was actually made. This is the guy that, despite his bulging belly, walks around puffing his chest out and talking in the loudest, cheesiest, deep voice he can muster. This of course is to make sure that anyone and everyone in the vicinity understands that YES, he is the boss! He is rude to everyone, appears to know nothing, and mostky sticks his fat ass smack dab in the way of all progress. The biggest problem with "Dick" however is that he shows up at the jobsite unannounced at the most inopportune times (like when something is on fire), and expects everyone to drop everything to let him in so he can get in the way!

#2-Site Foreman, who we'll refer to as "Dude". This is the hardest working, most trusted, most skilled, most professional, and last but not least most courteous guy out of all the contractors. He shows up early and is hard at work long before the rest of the contractor crew arrives, and long after they leave. When he needs something from the people at the agency he's been pimped out to, he is extremely courteous and friendly, and ensures they know how appreciative he is. He is also not one to care much bout money. This is a man who frankly doesn't give a shit about how much he's been pimped out for, or how much of it he actually gets paid. No, he's just content to have a steady full time job and proud of the quality craftsmanship he provides to previously mentioned company.

#3-The Crew, who we'll refer to as, well, "The Crew". These porr souls are the bottom of the totem pole, average joes that show up and do just enough to get paid for it. This probably explains partially why they get paid so little of the money they've been pimped out for! Anyway, these are the guys who show up not a few minutes early, but at the exact minute they absolutely have to be there! In turn, the very minute quitting time rolls around, they drop whatever they are doing and make a run for wherever they run to! It's just a good the thing "Dude" is there to make sure everything gets put where it's suppose to. Anyway, at any given minute of any given day, at least one of "The Crew" is on break. I mean literally, it's as if they merely rotate every 5 minutes. Imagine this: One guy is on break for 5 minutes, then another for 5 minutes, then another! So esentially, every 10 minutes, you rotate into a 5 minute break time! Don't we wish all jobs worked like that? Though realistically, again, probably a good explanation for the $19.95 pimping out!

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