Thursday, July 16, 2009


You know how stupid people are right?
Well, maybe not, but you should!
If not, let me educate you.
There are some seriously asinine people out there!
I mean people that just excel at their own astronomical level of stupidity!

(As a disclaimer, I might as well admit that I probably fit into this category myself)

Anyway, the short of it goes like this:

Person #1 (whom we'll refer to as ass-hat), approaches person #2 (whom we'll refer to as "the guy") ans tells him to work on a top priority project (we'll refer to this as project #!).

"The guy" gets to work on said project.

The next day "ass-hat" approaches "the guy" again and tells him to go work on a different project (we'll refer to this as project #2). Bear in mind, a couple of sleeping 5 year old children could complete project #2! "Ass-hat" makes sure to point out that project #2 takes priority over EVERYTHING else!

"The guy" gets to work on said project.

Another day passes and "ass-hat" approaches "the guy" and inquires as to why "project #1" wasn't completed. And the argument ensues! "

The guy" says to "ass-hat": "You told me to work on project #2, and that it took priority over everything else!"

"Ass-hat" says: "No, project #1 was top priority!"

"The guy" says: "No, you said project #2 takes priority over everything else!"

And this pathetic lose-lose argument goes on and on until "the guy" gets tired of it and knocks "ass-hat's" teeth out!

Ok, maybe he didn't knock his teeth out, but it was an option, and it sounded cool!

Speaking of that, let's talk options.

We know what happened cause it's all in print above. What are the options here?
#1-Knock "ass-hat's' teeth out! (as previously mentioned)
#2-Continue arguing for the rest of eternity!
#3-Turn and walk away hoping "ass-hat" won't notice!
#4-Suck it up and move on, fully knowing that ass-hat is lying through his damn teeth and is, well, an ass-hat!

Well ok, I guess that's enough options.

The point here is that as said above, some people are astronomically stupid! Astronomically stupid people do astronomically stupid things, say astronomically stupid things , and make themselves out to be astronomical jackasses! I mean seriously, get over yourself shitbag!

So, by the way. What the shit is up with friggin people today? I mean seriously, someone let the freaks out of the friggin chicken shack! Lock your doors and Stay off the street! Unless of course you enjoy being plowed down by a 7 colored piece of shit car! I can hear the "bump bump" of tires now!